Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Haiku poems - a try

haiku poems - a try

the uneasy silence
a flute sung
with a tone of agony 

Weird thoughts
waves  of  ocean
mind become unearthed  

Broken hearts ..
Betraying fear of love
storm  and  thunder  ..!!

fragrance around...
soothing  the mind
enjoyed  the solitude

the street is busy again
vendors  pass by
shouting  with  joy

beauty of the horizon
bloom  up  the joy
the autumn  sunset  ..!!  

Security thrashed with a steel rode
Cattle  shattered with cry
splashes  of  dung  on the way

Trembling student
fear of cane
bits of rain ..!!

this autumn evening.
jasmines  blooms
aroma  touches the soul  ..!!

invisible leaves in the pond
a tadpole  jumps  out
started  morning  shower ..!!

heavenly coolness
the windy touches .
his hug of desire  ..!!

left a smile with
touches of beard
in side a volcano now  ..!!

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