Sunday, December 4, 2016

colour of universe

colour of universe

The way i traveled through 'Art acres' of land
The art of endless joy i enjoyed
From the eternal love of creations
Through in the midst of life
Color's of rainbows a moment feel
From day to desk of sorrow to happiness
Dessert to pasture made my mind full of
Tallies of malice in the tile less of culture
One end to other marvelous ways from
Hedges and ditches of colors of canvas with
Fulfillment of creativity of ''Goutam Barman's
love of landscapes to ''Surabhiness'' of Ravi varma's
flower gardens , overwhelmed in the midst of loneliness
in the Bavul's one stringed songs of transcendental world
thanks to be in the colour of universe .

went to the on going program in Art Acre kolkata near to my work place yesterday and day before ,some moments i had some photos
with Surabhi agarwal and Gautam Barman


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